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"A passion for exploring the possibilities of form and shape is the motivation driving the creation of my pieces. Working with different and challenging materials teaches me to bend to the inherent attributes as well as the limitations of my chosen medium leading me on a journey that never ceases to amaze and captivate me. Currently working in Mixed Media, abstract, I enjoy the immediacy of the medium. I love working in collage, acrylic paints, canvas and found materials. It’s always an adventure!!

"For the past several years I have been transitioning from 3D to 2D Mixed Media. I enjoy the immediacy of the working in 2D, compared to sculpture which requires extensive planning. I find working in collage with paints, canvas and found materials to be quite liberating. My fascination with architecture is evident in my current work. My 3D experience is helpful in creating work as I see the content of my mixed media pieces as form and shape. I was born in Brooklyn, NY and credit some of my images to that urban environment."   

Rose Cofield has studied sculpture at New York University, New York, NY and received a grant for Apprenticeship at the The Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture, Mercerville, NJ (USA). The Atelier Apprenticeship Program is designed to guide the student in the art of sculpture-casting through foundry work, classwork and work on their own art. During her apprenticeship at the Atelier, she assisted in conducting workshops with Atelier staff at both the International Sculpture Conferences in Toronto, Canada and Washington, DC. She also taught sculpture workshops through the South Carolina Arts Commission’s “Artist in Education” program, conducting sculpture workshops in South Carolina schools and art organizations. She studied stone carving in Carrara, Italy at the Corsanini Studio. She has displayed her work at the Kershaw Fine Arts Center in Camden, SC, The Art League of Hilton Head Gallery, Hilton Head, SC, the St. John’s Museum of Art, Wilmington, NC, The Louise Gilbert Gallery, Statesville, NC, Florence Museum, Florence, SC, Havens Gallery, Columbia, SC , and the International Oasis Gallery in Savannah, GA (USA) Her work is in private collections throughout the Southeast USA.

Rose is a member of the National Association of Women Artists, the Society of Bluffton Artists, and the Art League of Hilton Head. You can see more of Rose's work at her web site and she can be reached directly at or 843-290-6842.